Early History

In the spring of 1961, Beta Sigma Theta "existed" on the campus of Michigan College of Mining and Technology (as MTU was known then) in the minds of a few men of Gamma Delta. This international, religious, social organization for Lutheran students had been established in 1946. Dr. Hahn of the Missouri Synod Lutheran Church in the area referred several of these men to Beta Sigma Psi, a National Fraternity for Lutheran Men. Both that spring and the following spring, delegates from the group were sent to the National Conventions in Lincoln, Nebraska and received encouragement and aid to start a new colony in Houghton.

On April 4, 1962, the group met for the first official time, adopted a local constitution, elected officers and selected the name Alpha Zeta Chi for the local fraternity. At the end of that May, the "Alpha Zets" had voted to accept Brother Dave Kallio's Pledge paddle design as official for the fraternity. They had also formed an Honorary Alumni Chapter, consisting of local businessmen and Tech professors of the Lutheran Faith. On October 6, 1962, 16 members of Alpha Zeta Chi and 6 Honorary Alumni were initiated into the National Fraternity of Beta Sigma Psi as Theta Chapter.