A Change in the Wind

As early as 1965, thoughts within the active membership turned to the possibility of opening our doors to men of all religious faiths. By the spring of 1972, the entire active membership was in agreement with this course of action and carefully considered all the possibilities and consequences. To these men, the title "Lutheran" was not as important as electing into membership men that they felt were otherwise losing who could have benefited the house and possessed a true Christian attitude. The "Lutherans Only" policy never seemed to attract Lutherans to Theta Chapter for its own religious sake after the first years on campus. It did, however, definitely exclude others who would have pledged except for the fact that they were neither specifically brought up by their parents as Lutherans nor chose to accept the faith on their own. These men who became close to the active membership but were not allowed our privileges were termed "Social Affiliates".

The men of Theta had always shown a certain "free-thinking" attitude in their beliefs and campus actions... it was in part that spirit and not the title of "Lutheran", that these men wished to pass on a common denominator for future chapter members. In respect for past ideals, the founders of Theta Chapter truly believed in establishing a fraternity on this campus dedicated to the Lutheran Faith. However, attitudes and needs were changing on campuses in the early 1970's and Theta Chapter did not have the advantages of other chapters within the National Fraternity, located on campuses which attracted a higher density of Lutheran students.